Green Communities

At Villages, we believe that affordable housing should be energy efficient and provide a healthy living environment for our residents. We have been a leader and early adopter of green building technologies, designing and constructing our developments to conserve natural resources and reduce material waste. All of our new developments and property rehabilitation efforts are designed to meet Enterprise Green Communities certification standards.

Our commitment to green building includes the following practices, for example:

  • Performing energy audits on our units to identify opportunities for improvements.
  • Recycling household trash, seasonal yard waste and building materials.
  • Installing compact fluorescent lighting, low-flow faucets and showerheads and Energy Star appliances.
  • Using low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) cabinetry, countertops and paint.
  • Incorporating geothermal and photovoltaic technologies into new construction and rehabilitation project designs.
  • Maintaining clotheslines for air drying.
  • Mulching lawn clippings back into the lawn.
  • Participating in programs that promote energy conservation, such as the Platte River Power Authority’s LightenUP Program.

The Village on Stanford – A Model of Sustainability in Affordable Housing

In 2010, Villages renovated an apartment complex built in the 1970s, creating a model of sustainability in multifamily housing. The Village on Stanford incorporates building and landscape design features and heating and cooling systems that conserve energy and contain utility costs. It utilizes a thermal solar system for its heating throughout the community. The community clubhouse has solar electric panel and a geothermal exchange system — it’s energy efficiency actually adds electricity back to the city’s power grid.

For more information about this project, which was completed in 2010, download our project flyer:
Village on Stanford Road | Village on Stanford HTML Version

Awards for Village on Stanford

  • 2011 NAHRO National Award of Excellence in Project Design for Village on Stanford Sustainable Renovation
  • 2011 Colorado NAHRO Mountain Plains Award for Affordable Housing Design for Village on Stanford
  • 2011 Colorado NAHRO Energy and Green Building Award for Village on Stanford Sustainable Rehabilitation
  • 2011 Northern Colorado Renewable Energy Society (NCRES) Award for Exemplary Project for Village on Stanford