College Students Have Returned – Here’s What You Can Expect

Ram Welcome at Colorado State University

College students returned to the Colorado State University campus this month. With over 31,000 students attending the school, it’s no surprise that their return drastically changes the culture and community of Fort Collins. Most Fort Collins Villages residents love the college student population, but you can expect some inconveniences compared to the relatively quiet community you enjoy during the summer. Here’s what to expect:
  • More traffic. This is one of the biggest differences you’ll notice as students flood back to campus – and it’s the most annoying one, too. Many students bring their cars to campus with them, and between their own cars and the cars of visiting parents and friends, the traffic around Fort Collins is going to get a lot more congested. The new MAX bus system is a great way to avoid the traffic and get around town quickly.
  • Businesses around town are going to be busier. Thanks to their disposable income and taste for nightlife, many CSU students make going out and enjoying Old Town Fort Collins a part of their college life. You may end up waiting a little longer for a table or drink during the school months, but thanks to the presence of so many students, you’ll see a lot of drink and dinner specials at the local restaurants. You may not be a student, but you can usually take advantage of these deals, too.
You’ll also be able to expect a more vibrant culture and community. Sure, there are drawbacks to having 31,000 students coming into town each year. But for many residents of the Villages of Fort Collins, attending CSU was how they discovered how amazing this area is, too! College students make Fort Collins the interesting, exciting place it is to live – and absolutely worth putting up with the minor inconveniences they might bring.
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