shutterstock_261015953Did you know that August is the busiest month for calls to 911 here in Fort Collins? The Poudre Emergency Communication Center (PECC) is responsible for handling all of the 911 phone calls for over 165,000 residents in the Fort Collins and Wellington areas. In 2012, the center was responsible for over 156,400 phone calls, averaging out to over 1,300 calls a month. According to a report by the Coloradoan, when you call 911 in the Fort Collins area, the center will dispatch a “fire engine with at least three crew members, including at least one EMT, …alongside an ambulance to every medical call.” This allows the city to respond to calls with qualified personnel in the least amount of time, getting the help required to residents as quickly as possible.

It’s important for anyone living in Fort Collins to keep the contact information for emergency services posted in their home in an easy-to-find location (like the front of the refrigerator) as well as programmed into their mobile phone. Of course, in an emergency situation you should dial 911 and allow an operator to dispatch the necessary personnel to your location. In non-emergency situations, you can reach public safety teams at the following numbers:

  • Non-emergency: 221-6540
  • Northern Colorado Drug Task Force: 416-2560
  • Patrol Deputy Chief: 221-6555
  • Victim Services: 224-6089
  • Crimes Against Property & Persons: 221-6560

You can find a full list of numbers for police services on the City of Fort Collins website. Post emergency and non-emergency numbers in your home so you know who to call when you need help in the Fort Collins area.