Many people commute to work in Denver from their Fort Collins rentals, and until a few years ago, I-25 provided quick and steady access to other major cities in Colorado. But as the population increased in the area, so did the traffic on I-25. Residential and commercial expansion along the I-25 corridor to the east of Fort Collins has made the problems even more apparent, and any commuter can tell you that traffic is usually a nightmare during peak commute times.

State government and organizations are working to ease some of this commuter pain. Earlier this year, the Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance worked on a bill that proposed widening I-25 to three lanes through Northern Colorado starting in 2017. Unfortunately, the bill did not succeed, though the Colorado Department of Transportation currently has plans in place to widen the highway with work being completed in 2070. Until those plans are in place, though, CDOT has introduced a new service that people commuting to Denver will love: Bustang.Bustang

Bustang is an interregional express bus service that operates Monday through Friday during peak traffic hours. These buses aren’t your normal, run-of-the-mill buses, either. They feature reclining seats, charging stations, free WiFi, bathrooms, and bike racks. The bus runs both ways between Fort Collins and Denver. You can catch it at either the transit center in Downtown Fort Collins or on Harmony road, and ride it all the way to Union Station for just $10. There are discounts available for seniors and students, as well as discounts on multi-ride passes. Learn more about this great new commuter option by visiting